Simona de silvestro dating

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I think I could have done really well there, so it's definitely something that still feels unfinished. That's the one point in my career where I really feel things could have been a little bit better.

Meet the female racing car driver, chasing her dreams with speed.

And then to be honest, it was quite a struggle to find a way back.

I tried to get back into Indy Car, but a lot there depends on sponsorship, and I didn't succeed in finding the money to get myself a full-time ride.

Whereas if a guy is fast in another category, he’s considered fast in all categories,” she says. Her father owned a car dealership, which de Silvestro frequented as a young girl.

The 28-year-old is a professional race car driver with Nissan Motorsport, securing a contract to drive in the Australian Supercars Championship in 2017.

it's really special to get such an opportunity to go into a series and know that I can race there for three years, and really work on that and develop that." De Silvestro's decision to pursue F1 in 2014 might stand as one of racing's great 'what-ifs' on both sides of the Atlantic.

Many in F1 have spoken of the value that a quick female driver would bring to the world championship, and when one finally came along, she couldn't find the budget needed to get over the line.

It's the same concept behind speed dating - you spend a few seconds with a person to get a feel for whether you want to follow up, then move on to the next table.

So, in that vein, I've decided to forgo my usual midweek know-it-alling to present the following list of things you might want to know about the people who drive those Indy Cars to the edge.

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