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It's like i need to wait until date four to f-close in order to build enough comfort and keep them from freaking out.For instance, last night, went out with this chick from eastern Europe and we grabbed a drink, but I kept it short and ended the date early so I can create some challenge.The key to long commute dates is that they need to feel like they're worth the while.So while you won't be able to get many girls to go 45 minutes or an hour out of their way (30 minutes there and back) for a coffee date, you just might if there's a comedy club with a hilarious show in your area, or a game of laser tag, or a really nice hot tub place.Since I'm generally on the worksite for 14 hours about all I do in the room is sleep and occasionally fuck so I don't go high end if it's available.Nice thing is I pretty much sit in my truck all day so plenty of time to spend online as long as I can get a reception on my phone for the wireless.I also generally don't meet for dates, rather go to her place or she comes to the hotel I am staying at.The most I'll do for a date is meet at a bar for a few drinks, some are nervous about meeting in private even after all the shit they say on the phone, before heading back to wherever we are going to close the deal.

Chase Great..the case of [L] she's agreed to meet me near where I initially approached and then to hang for a bit and go for dinner slightly outside the city on the north side...which happens to be nearby my work & where I park my car, though she doesn't know that yet..after dinner I'll suggest we go for some drinks at a place I know, possibly using a yes ladder, and casually mention that we'll have to go by car.I have not decided yet is whether to take her to say a lounge bar in inner north which would be halfway home or whether to just go for broke, will have to trust my instincts..

Telling them to commute far out of town to meet you for a first date usually won't work, no; not if they live in the city.

However, I'd also make sure I figured out where the girl lived, too.

heh Yeah, but I'm a cheap bastard when I'm staying at hotels near the worksite.

Hell, a lot of places don't even have hotels with bars.

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