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I believe with all in place our youth will see the beauty in Islamic values that past generations have unintentionally destroyed in the Name of God. Friends and family would say that I am friendly, hardworking and loyal.I believe that God has commanded us to be social beings. The forms of these contacts are different in nature.

Astonishingly, the latter occurs at a much higher frequency.When we equip our Muslim youth with balanced childhood where friends are of both genders, awkwardness is absent because gender relations can take many forms like friendship (not only sex as many Islamic scholars like to emphasize).Finally: honesty, respect and Godliness are integral parts of the value system of a healthy Muslim child.Boys and girls grow up curious about the opposite gender thanks to the limited interaction they were allowed as children.However, the same standards aren’t into play when it comes to school, especially when they are in a public school setting.

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