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The term 'region' has a variety of meanings in England, depending on the context in which it is used: in the context of the education service it means a group of local education authorities.

The term has no meaning in Wales, while in Scotland the region is the local authority.

The division was as follows: the needs of handicapped children under five; the education of handicapped children in ordinary schools; day special schools and boarding provision; and the educational and other needs of handicapped school leavers.

The sub-committees on special educational provision in ordinary and special schools were subsequently amalgamated and a further sub-committee was established in 1976 to consider arrangements for the training of teachers.

Although short, these visits were very valuable in enabling those who took part to re-examine particular issues from a different perspective. One difficulty which confronted us in preparing this report was the existence of certain differences in terminology between England, Wales and Scotland.

For example, the terms local education authority and social services department, which occur frequently throughout our report, are peculiar to England and Wales; their Scottish counterparts are education authority and social work department.

We should like to express our thanks to those who undertook research projects for us, as well as to those parents, young people, professionals in different services and others who were the source of their information. In the course of our work we made many visits, individually or in groups, to a wide range of institutions in England, Scotland and Wales.

The places visited are too numerous to list but they included nursery schools and special nursery units, ordinary schools, maintained and non-maintained special schools, independent schools catering wholly or mainly for handicapped pupils, hospitals, assessment centres, colleges of further education, colleges of education and departments of education in polytechnics.

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A third party visited Holland and West Germany to see a range of special schools in those countries.Two projects were concerned with provision for children under five and their parents: a survey of services for parents of handicapped children under five carried out under the co-direction of Professor M Chazan and Dr AF Laing of the University College of Swansea; and a study of pre-school education and handicapped and exceptional children in the Grampian Region of Scotland directed by Dr MM Clark of the University of Strathclyde.A project on the employment experiences of handicapped school leavers was commissioned from the National Children's Bureau and carried out by Mr A Walker.We therefore co-opted a number of members, to whom we are indebted for their help. Mrs M Blythman - Head of the Special Education Department, Moray House College of Education, Edinburgh Miss M Clarke OBE - Senior Adviser for Nursery, Infant and First School Education, Devon Local Education Authority Miss K A Dougall - Headteacher, Inchview Primary School, West Pilton, Edinburgh Mr M J K Flynn - Principal, Stretton House Hostel, Stretton, Derbyshire Dr C Frain-Bell - Consultant Paediatrician (Educational Medicine), Community Child Health Services, Tayside Area Health Board Mr D R Gray - Inspector (Special Education) City of Birmingham Education Department Professor R Gulliford - Head of the Department of Special Education, University of Birmingham Mr D Hutchinson - Head of the Work Orientation Unit, North Nottinghamshire College of Further Education Rev R J Jones - Education Secretary, National Children's Home, until 1976 [page 2] Mr P J Lowman - Production Director, Rosalind Foods Ltd, Great Yarmouth, until 1976 Miss M E Moyce - Principal Officer, Children's Services, London Borough of Lambeth Mrs M de Paolo - Headteacher, New Fosseway School for the ESN(S), Bristol Mr T E Thomas - Former pupil of a special school for the physically handicapped in Glamorgan Mr G Vernon - Coordinator of In-Service Education, Leeds Polytechnic Dr R I Woodger - Parent of a handicapped child 4.The sub-committees completed their work by May 1977 and their findings formed the basis of our report.

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