Dns is not updating from dhcp server

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Be default the PIN authentication requires 5 digits and the device unlock policy is set to 6; these can be easily modified to match if desired.

The DHCP option required to support the PIN Authentication method can either be added to an existing DHCP server or they can be handled directly by the Lync Server.

If you want to disable the resolvconf mechanism for updating and just use a static file, do the following. This is especially likely if you have been playing around with its configuration files without really understanding how resolvconf and Network Manager work.

For background information, please read the resolvconf documentation and Stéphane Graber's blog post.

https:// First you should know that both Ubuntu Desktop and Ubuntu Server by default have resolvconf installed and activated.

Resolvconf provides a framework for dynamically updating the /etc/file in an orderly and reversible way.

As there are many article already devoted to managing these devices there is no need to rehash it here.

The new PIN Authentication process greatly simplifies the user sign-in process on stand-alone device now.

They do not run any version of the Lync Phone Edition client.

If you do not want to use a local forwarding nameserver then configure Network Manager not to start a dnsmasq instance and not to insert that address.

In (still via resolvconf) to include the nameserver addresses Network Manager has for active connections.

The first method is recommended and is the easiest to deploy when working with Windows DHCP services.

But if third-party or hardware-based DHCP solutions are deployed which may or may not supported the additional options required by the Aries devices then it may be beneficial to use the integrated Lync Server DHCP services.

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