Dating for dorks

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(And to be fair, neither guys nor girls are all sunshine and roses when those hormones hit. ) I think it’s great that you’ve been friends with guys all your life, and that doesn’t have to end now. Because yeah, hormones are flying all around, making us stupid.

Your guy friends might be just starting to notice you’re a girl.

To get started on Romance Tale, I simply signed up by offering my name, birthday and e-mail address.

Then come about two dozen questions that describe yourself, as well as the type of mate that you’re looking for.

I’m sitting here and I know that I communicate with real people, and not like on other sites, some fakes.

So this is my personal choice, I have already made my own.

And may those digging for gold wind up empty with their techie dweebs. The first thing that chipped at it was Romance Tale’s payment structure. Creating a profile is free, but even engaging in your first chat will cost a minimum fee of .99, which will cover a single letter (ten credits) and five minutes of chatting (two credits per minute). Now the kneejerk reaction of Joe Basement will be, “Why should I pay for something that I can do for free on Facebook ?!?A true scam would not have ladies discussing meetings.Yet my ladies are openly discussing that option with me now.(These agencies also keep records of the women they deal with it.)What also impressed me about Romance Tale is its other security features, beyond the filtering payment structure.For those ready to exchange contact information after having engaged in chats, messaging and exchanging gifts, Romance Tale offers its own unique verification check that is as simple as submitting photo ID (and a basic form for U. citizens.)The verification comes after interactions of a minimum of ten days that give members enough time to get familiar with each other on an informal basis without having to spend more on verification (only to find that they’re not as compatible as they thought they were).

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