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As a result, DISQLite3 outperforms sqlite3up to 50% for common operations. Simple SQLite 3.0 wrapper, no TDataset or databinding, but fast and easy to use. SQLite JDBC driver that contains natively compiled SQLite (version 3.x) for Windows (x86), Mac OS X (Intel i386) and Linux (i386, amd64). Are you tired of 'reading between the binds' to find your database logic? This provides a DBAPI compliant wrapper for SQLite 2 or 3 and hides some of SQLite's idiosyncrasies.Other operating systems are also supported with the pure Java version of SQLite. Try Step Sqlite - write powerful database interfaces for SQLite in minutes not hours - you can use variables directly in SQL - no more having to write binds; supports stored procedures, functions, packages, triggers (with procedural code),cursors, even has built-in date operators. Py SQLite (as sqlite3) is a core module of Python since Python 2.5: - Python SQLite Shell: a minimalistic C wrapper for SQLite and SQLite3, inspired by the ADO. It supports My SQL, Postgre SQL, Sqlite2 and Sqlite3. With the Ch SQLite package, all C (or C ) programs using functions from the SQLite C library can readily run in Ch interpretively without compilation.Sql Wrapper XX is designed to be easy to use, small, and to the point. It is an ideal solution for rapid prototyping, Web- based applications, and embedded scripting.The demo (built on SQLite 3.3.6) comes with plenty of examples and sample applications.SQLite for Excel is a lightweight wrapper to give access to the SQLite3 library from'll need to distribute both PS' DLL and SQLite's DLL.(Apr, 2008: Dead link) (Apr, 2008: No longer maintained) SQLite DB is an Active X DLL built on top of SQLite (i.e.

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(like TASQLite DB, TASQLite Query, TASQLite Table, TASQLite Update SQL and others).SQLite Plus features built-in scripting capability - something NO OTHER PRODUCT has. Teaches how to modify the SQLite C source code to make it VB-friendly.Create simple or complex automation scripts, and generate XML documents with PHP-like script files using System. SQLite is an enhanced version of the original SQLite database engine. You end up with a non-COM DLL that you can call from a VB Classic project. Sleep Sleep sqlite wrapper for vb6 (dead link) - wrapper dll coded using fasm.SQLCipher - Transparent SQLite encryption using 256-bit CBC mode AES.SQLCipher is an Open Source extension and uses Open SSL for cryptographic support.

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