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When their best front runner is a trust fund 1% Jacka$$ (Mitt Romney) that is anti-gay marriage and thinks 0K is middle income there is little to be said except that: tates and the middle religious extremism.

A place where unless you are a rich, white, Christian male, you are not free.

You are free to work for scraps that the rich, white, Christian males throw at you.

You know what, I lied, there are eight things wrong with America.

Working with the client’s IT group, the Compu Dynamics design-build team created a consolidation plan that not only increased data center capacity, but also resulted in more available office space, reduced energy consumption and increased uptime.

The process began with the client’s wish list, which included modular growth, greater reliability and a greener approach.

Consolidating the server rooms provided a much more efficient approach to power and cooling management.

In addition, the Compu Dynamics solution, implementing in-row cooling with variable speed fans, resulted in highly efficient cooling.

Each individual server room typically builds in 50% excess power capacity.Faced with a dilemma of displacing the very people the servers would support, the firm sought the advice of critical facility experts Compu Dynamics.Compu Dynamics’ data consolidation services responded with a win/win solution.The result provided the best of all worlds: increased server capacity, reclaimed real estate, enhanced reliability, built-in expandability and greater energy efficiency.All with the peace of mind that Compu Dynamics’ service-first approach delivers.

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